There has to be a way to reach an objective,
..with less, of all, eventually expended..

All Cases Scenario



It serves to have a clear understanding of any desired outcomes and goals. Begin with writing them down - then try not to "touch" those notes for a week - and come back for revision and some kind of finalization.



Thoroughly search for the procedures and tools that somehow "claim" to offer an optimized workaround and seem like they would better fit with your skills and theory. Be mindful of the shiny temptations as you may just overload your later steps.



If "SEARCH" is made in relation to & focused on the desired outcomes that derive from "DEFINE" part, then this step can be both smooth and enjoyable. Get the whole picture, connect the dots, exclude the most complex solutions, keep the costwise ones, prepare your MVP and..

..yes..Sure, nothing new or unique introduced it!

Go through your “DEFINESEARCH ANALYZE” or similar procedure and come up with something… Do not hesitate to Trust your knowledge and experience. Be amazed at what happens when you put yourself in a position to select the most appropriate, for your causes, solution and implement it to fully meet your needs!

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